3 Easy Ways for You to Get That Perfect Holiday Gift in Time

Amid the holiday rush, how can we get the perfect gift in time? Let’s look at three easy ways of doing this. There are two things here – the perfect gift and in time.

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The Perfect Gift

No matter how well you time the purchase of a present, if it is not perfect then having it ready in time does not have the same effect. That choice is the most important part of the perfect gift. There are two keys to the choice: Knowing the person you are buying for and listening when they say things. 

They may not necessarily be dropping a hint but can just in conversation let an idea drop. “I bought a new pool cue. When I have a chance, I must get a case for it.” There you have it – the perfect gift for that person. 

Of course, it’s not always like that. Most often you don’t get hints like that. If you don’t, then it needs you to fall back on what you know about them.

Now you have the idea, the next thing is to get it in time.

The Opportunistic Purchase

As you wander around shops and markets you may see the perfect present months in advance of needing it. It simply means keeping your eyes open and recognising an opportunity when it presents itself.

These gifts are fun to find and often are the best gifts as they are recognised as a match and not some present you had to battle and sweat to find and then hope it is suitable. There is another way of securing the opportunistic present, and that is overhearing a desire.

If you hear someone mention that there is something they would like, seize the opportunity and act quickly and find the item.


The internet is a great way of getting the perfect holiday gift in time. There are many online sites both local and overseas where you can browse for the perfect gift. It does not have to be the mega sites, but even local ones. It is always good to buy local.  These local sites could be potters, clothes shops, or computer shops. Any shop that has a web presence and sells will do.

The great part of this is that you can search far more widely, increasing the chances of finding the best present possible. You can refine the gift down to the smallest detail to ensure it is perfect, and for some gifts, there are customisation possibilities.


You know the person’s favourite things, but you know more than just that you know favourite colours, favourite shops and much more.  Hopefully, you have already decided what the perfect gift is, but If you haven’t and still want to find the flawless present call on this knowledge, spend the weekend before the deadline browsing through the person’s favourite shop. This is the last resort to get the best gift in time. 

Walk around the shops and focus on what the person will love. It may take a while, but persist and remember this is your last chance to get the perfect gift in time.

So there it is without stress – how to get the perfect holiday gift in time

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